Your company’s success depends on how well you inform and engage employees and drive action.

That’s exactly what we do. We help businesses communicate key strategic initiatives by integrating video storytelling with curated documentation.




IVIewer™ is our application.
It’s a fully managed, interactive experience that provides easy access to your video messaging and related documents.

We create custom crafted videos to tell your story, convey your objectives and deliver a strong call to action. At IVI, every video we create is based on principles of effective communication; we use storytelling to turn complex concepts into clear insights, the human connection to create a memorable, emotional bond, and the power of video to bring insights to life.

We carefully curate your content, taking the time to organize, describe and tag documents so you can find exactly what you need and none of what you don’t. Documents, spreadsheets, charts, photos, videos, etc. You name it, IVIewer™ supports it, and you never have to leave your browser. Search, sort, filter, view, download, share…it’s access made simple. Communication made clear.


Let us do the heavy lifting. We create your custom application design, organize and curate your documents and manage and communicate with your user list. You reap the rewards.


Desktop, mobile or tablet, the IVIewer™ is cross platform compatible and adheres to the latest security standards. All you need to bring is your browser.


IVIewer™ supports Office documents, PDFs, Interactive Charts, Videos, 3D models and External Links. View documents on any device without ever leaving the browser. Or download for offline use.


You can search, sort and filter content to easily find everything you’re looking for without having to spend hours fumbling through a shared drive.




You've got enough on your plate already. We're here to help.

Our process is simple. We consult with you to understand and interpret your story. We collect, process and curate all of the documents relevant to your story. We handle all hands-on elements of your video production, from casting to live action shoots and animation. All you need to do is approve and guide. We do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on your actual job.


Through consultation, we assess communication challenges and opportunities, develop your core message and determine the scope of video and content requirements.

Video Production

Our full-service video production includes script writing, talent casting, directing live action shoots, producing animation and motion graphics, sourcing music and voiceover talent, editing and post production.


We gather all content for the IVIewer™ database, incorporating full descriptions and meta-tags. We create custom filters for easy search, and host and maintain your IVIewer™ database.

Visual Communication and Insights Management
in One Integrated Solution.



Why IVI?

Because the success of your business depends on how well you inform and engage employees and drive action.


Get your sales force ready and excited for the upcoming quarter.


Support marketing initiatives from concept to execution.


Unlock consumer insights and bring them to life.


Engage and reach large audiences.



Leadership Team

A talented and creative team of experts
with a passion for storytelling

We believe that businesses thrive when their employees and partners are engaged and have access to critical information. By combining the disciplines of marketing, production and application development in one company, we are uniquely qualified to help businesses communicate, engage and drive action.
Sharon AmeriMarketing

Sharon Ameri


As our marketing expert, Sharon is responsible for understanding our clients’ business and communication needs and translating that knowledge into engaging business stories that drive organizational action. Sharon brings her experience as a consultant and entrepreneur and her passion for client service to her work, which includes everything from script writing to overall company strategy. It is her background in marketing research that led her to develop IVI’s principles for effective communication.

Danny AmeriProduction

Danny Ameri


Our Creative Director, Danny, works with our clients to create compelling, memorable video stories for maximum audience impact, comprehension and enjoyment. An accomplished producer, editor and motion graphics designer, Danny has over 20 years experience developing effective, cutting edge content for emerging digital entertainment and advertising channels. Danny’s collaborative approach to client service combined with his own creative style means each project is customized to meet clients’ unique goals.

Howard BuksbaumApplications

Howard Buksbaum


As the chief architect of our applications, Howie is the genius behind IVIewer™, developing its intuitive interface and remarkable functionality. But that’s not all. As a talented cinematographer, Howie brings his award-winning skills to every video we shoot. His highly collaborative and efficient approach to projects was developed through extensive experience creating large scale web sites, interactive projects and back-end infrastructure for web and native applications.

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    "I presented this at my sales meeting this week and the team absolutely thought it was amazing. Nice job!"

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    "This is an excellent tool for our valued trade partners; and it allows the sales force to have immediate access to important content and documents."

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